About this project

This project aims to improve RubyPlot library. The developer is Alish Dipani. They worked for RubyPlot also in GSoC 2019, the report is available here. This project is successor of their GSoC 2019 project.

The project planned with the following topics.

The developer completed all of them except for last two things.

What is RubyPlot

RubyPlot is a data visualization library for Ruby. It aims to be a position as matplotlib in Python. Either RMagick (ImageMagick) or GR Framework can be selected as a graphics backend at runtime.

There is another visualization library for Ruby, Charty. The difference of these libraries are their design concept. RubyPlot concentrates to support two backends whereas Charty aims to support a variety of visualization backends, not only producing pictures of charts but also generating HTML documents and terminal outputs. Limiting the supported backends, RubyPlot has the potential of the realization of the fine-grained visualization control features for its users.

Evaluation of the Project

The developer completed almost all the goals of this project. Adding image support is especially a large portion of the achievements.

The following goals are remaining.